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  And so, the tale began...


Ichigo Bliss! =)

Heheh... I got the st00pid tagboard, finally. ^________^ I'm happy with it, and I can put pictures in, if I wanted.... Heheh... It'll be useful.

Today's Friday, but I wasn't able to get much done... went to Mos Burger adn bought Ichigo Bliss!!! STRAWBERRIES AND CREAMM!MM!!!!! yum.

Speaking of which... here's my strawberry story... the next post, I mean.

...and someone else lived hapily ever after...
...2:40 AM...

My Day Off... Whee!

Today, I had my day off... from school! ^^

Basically, my stomach cramps were far too much for me to take. This morning, I couldn't even get out of bed. I fell asleep somehow, thank goodness, and woke up late, and not-so-much-in-pain-anymore. But yes, still in pain.

I know I must've missed a lot. I especialy hate the fact that this is the second day in a row that I've missed it. >< I can already feel the headaches to come... Damn.

*sulks* I need to get my mind off these things. I'm supposed to be resting, for Chrissakes! *goes of to read fanfictiuon of the slashy sort*

Good news is... I've been writing more original stories! Too introspecty-angsty, though. Will post as soon as I type, lol.

...and someone else lived hapily ever after...
...2:04 AM...

Ayane Imagination...

Today, during Geography, I was barely awake, having just endured Physics and Chemistry before that-- in addition to a late night. It's a wonder I survived. ^^

I was thinking of my Ayane fic-- she's my favourite Dead or Alive character now... I'm starting to dislike Kasumi much, too.

...and someone else lived hapily ever after...
...2:03 AM...


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